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Here we will be analyzing and putting the basic characteristics of all the ICOs that we can offer them. We hope you enjoy it.

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SynapseCoin – Review

The SynapseCoin System promises its clients to social networks, social networks, and social networks. In other words, Synapsecoin is a collective funding system (Crowdfunding) worldwide, which generates an ecosystem to unite the SynapseCoin community, investors, entrepreneurs and companies, creating a business relationship that will be beneficial for all.


ThorSwap, as I was saying, a web to change up to 40 types of cryptocurrencies in a simple way, without the need for KYC and with an Open and Free Registry, with only a modest commission of 0.5% and in some cases even less.

Innovaminex – Review

Innovaminex represents the possibility of investing in the Precious Metals Mining area, among them, and as the main target, the Gold. Its success is practically assured, since the demand for these metals does not need to be created, it already exists and it is enormous at the World level.

Crypto Week In Review: China, Japan, U.S. Regulators Approve Crypto

Declining volatility in crypto markets has allowed startups, investors, and industry leaders to slow down, and postulate about the future of this nascent industry, catalyzing a series of positive developments. For one, in the past week, certain crypto-centric entities were awarded wheelbarrows of regulatory traction, with leading governmental agencies from Japan and the U.S. expressing […]

EuroCoinPay – Review

EuroCoinPay integra en una sencilla aplicación en su teléfono Android, todo un sistema de acceso y uso, al estilo bancario de sus criptomonedas y Altcoins, prácticamente sin comisión y de manera instantánea… A partir de ahora, ud podrá pagar y recibir pagos con solo su aplicación android y su Tarjeta Visa en multitud de Negocios y entre personas!

ICOs And The Importance Of Making Sure They Are Compliant

With the opportunities brought on by blockchain technology, thousands of new start-up companies have also entered the market with their new ideas and visions. ICOs have been used as a form of financing for many companies, which is an excellent opportunity for both startup entrepreneurs and investors. Designerkottayam / Pixabay However, ICOs may cause a […]

Coinbase, Scalar and the 0x Listing – A Matched Game?

Were you right when listing the ZRX token on the Coinbase crypto exchange? A research by TheBlock has revealed personal entanglements between the Coinbase team, Investvemnt company Scalar Capital and the 0x platform When the Coinbase Bitcoin exchange added ZRX, the tokens of the 0x protocol, to the Coinbase Pro offering on October 11, the […]