BXB: The most complete crypto exchange for newbies and experts (Review+Draw)

BXB: The most complete crypto exchange for newbies and experts (Review+Draw)



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BXB Exchange is a trading platform, with more features than other similar services to cater to investors and traders seekingexchange digital currency assets encrypted.

The Estonia-based financial and blockchain technology company is made up of a team from the main Wall Street quantitative hedge fund and technical experts in traditional financial commerce.

Therefore, it has extensive experience in understanding the underlying structure of cryptocurrency exchange, such as security mechanisms, the creation of liquidity markets and ultra-low latency systems.

BXB boasts a series of advantages in the use of the platform, unlike other existing services . These features include automatic trading, tap trading, option trading and futures trading, with leverage. All, through a portal built from scratch, to provide users with the safest and most efficient business experience.

Featured tools, such as automatic trading and tap, make operations easier, with hotkeys that help short-term traders get in and out of operations.

The option negotiation function, on the other hand, is designed to be simple enough for new users and very complete, even for more experienced traders. And finally, the futures trading tool gives a 1% price change in the market with the opportunity to obtain a 100% return in your pocket.

BXB is currently running a contest with CriptomonedaseICO, in which participants can earn up to US $ 50. To do this, they should only follow a few simple steps, such as registering on the platform and following the Spanish Telegram channel exchange.

Registration in BXB

BXB Exchange is an excellent option for those who want to start trading with cryptocurrencies, because it allows you to earn US$ 5 completely free and marketable, simply by registering and testing the platform.

To create a BXB account, you just have to complete some information such as email, create a password, repeat it, and press the “Send” button, which appears on the right side of the box.

Once clicked, an email will arrive with a six-digit code, which must be copied and pasted into the corresponding box. Finally, again, click on the submit button.

BXB registration

Once registered, you must download the application of the BXB platform, available for Android, iOS and Window.

BXB mobile application
BXB for computer

What does BXB offer?

BXB offers a wide variety of services for merchants, regardless of their experience. Among them, is Tap Trading. Being this your flagship product, the most striking thing about this utility is how easy it is to operate , even without having experience in trading. With just one click you can capture market trends in a fast and fun interface.

This is joined by Auto Trading, which is basically the mining of transactions with a click . This is an easy way to enter transaction mining, where users get transaction fees, which are reimbursed daily along with an additional bonus.

In addition, BXB presents Stack Trading. A tool where you can program the trading strategy very easily. There, you can gather business strategies and enjoy access to the same tools that professional institutional investors use.

Of course, the platform has crypto-crypto trading , where you can negotiate in the most robust and secure exchange, for all the needs within the crypto market. With an infinite number of cryptocurrency pairs , great liquidity and the lowest rates.

To this, a bitcoin and altcoins futures trade is added , with the lowest rates and the highest leverage in the market, up to 500x. And the options, where it is exchanged only with an active options market for the main and alternative currencies . The latter has the advantage of having limited losses with unlimited earning potential.

How is it used?

Performing an operation in the Tap Trading section is very simple. Being one of the most liked options of the BXB exchange, it operates with a leverage of x100, which means that in the case that the US $ 5 given with the registration is being used , it would be as if they were operated with $ 500

To use it, the first thing that is done is to enter the user’s account in BXB, either from the mobile or from the computer. There the “Tap Trading” option is searched, which is at the top of the screen .

Tap Trading view in the BXB app
View of the BXB Tap Trading on a computer

Subsequently, the volume of operations to be carried out in BXB must be determined. If is just beginning in the trading of criptomonedas , it is best to choose the first option offered by this tool.

Selection of the first option for the volume of operations in Tap Trading of BXB


Then click on Go Tap Trading, to go to the area where the graphics are located, along with a series of information . Indicating the price in dollars, in real time, of the cryptocurrency that you want to operate. At the bottom of the screen, three colored buttons will also appear which will start operating.

BXB Tap Trading Graphics 

This is “Buy”, “Sell” and “Close . ” By choosing the first one, a purchase will be made; with the second one a sale is made; and the third one closes all open operations.

At the time of buying or selling, an operation is opened, to finish it you have to wait until the time that appears in the top menu, called “Countdown”, reaches zero which will be the same time that the graphic touches the right end.

You can also close an operation before time runs out, for example, if a purchase is made, and then the price continues to rise, you can click on the Sell button and with that the operation closes and They receive the profits.

Meanwhile, at the top of the screen, several sections will appear.

Symbols on BXB Tap Trading screen headband

An X symbol, to exit the Tap Trading option and return to the application menu; the volume, to leave or silence the volume of the tool; the dollar value of the cryptocurrency, which is represented as – for example – BTC / USDT; “Stop loss pool”, which indicates the maximum that can be lost if the operations go against it; “BXT Available”, which are the tokens that are needed to do Tap Trading, which can be purchased when they are finished; “Countdown”, which is the remaining time for the session or operation to end; “Win”, which corresponds to the money that has been earned in the operation; and “Loss”, which marks the money that has been lost.

For more information, Spanish-speaking users can consult all doubts on the BXB Spanish Telegram channel.

Deposit and withdraw money

Both to make a deposit, and to collect the money, the first thing to do is verify the account.

To do this, BXB asks for the basic information of the user: such as name, surname, etc., next to a photo with the front of your identity document.

Then you must wait for the verification, in approximately 24 hours. Once the account is verified, the company sends an email giving notification.

BXB Exchange verification email

Once verified, deposits can be made as withdrawal of money. For that, if you are in the application, you go to the lower menu in, click on “Assets” and then in the “Cryptos” category.

Option for withdrawal and deposit within the BXB Exchange platform

There are different options of cryptocurrencies to deposit or withdraw, with which they can be traded within the BXB platform.

Do you want more information? Visit to BXB .

Website : https://www.BXB.io

Twitter : https://twitter.com/BXBexchangeLtd

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/BXBTrading/

Telegram :  https://t.me/BXBSpanish

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/bxb-io/

Reddit:  https://www.reddit.com/r/bxbexchange

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/bxb_exchange/

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This post is also available in: ruРусский (Russian)




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