Analyst: "The rupture of Bitcoin's current resistance will unleash the next bullfight"


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The recent rise of Bitcoin over months of resistance to $ 4,200 has revived the bullish fervor of the cryptocurrency market. After almost a year and a half of bear market, there may be a minimum potential and this is causing the bulls to have more confidence that the worst is behind us and that a new bullish race is about to begin.

A cryptocurrency analyst who has recently gained a lot of attention in the cryptosphere now claims that all the major cryptocurrencies are currently delayed by Bitcoin's current resistance level, and that once it is broken, a new bullish run will start.

The bullfight will begin after a break of $ 5,260

The Ethereum trader and cryptocurrency analyst ScienceGuy9489 has recently made an impact in the cryptocurrency space by sharing some charts that predict not only target prices, but also the dates of Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Litecoin.

The bullish calls were validated almost immediately when the Bitcoin price rose almost $ 1,000 in an hour, more than the previous two months of combined price growth.

Since then, the analyst has become a kind of market celebrity, sharing a series of charts and predictions about where the market will go.

In its last tweet, the analyst says that a break above $ 5,260 in the Bitcoin price charts, "will cause another bull run." In addition, it suggests that Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Stellar and other major cryptocoins in the top 10 by market capitalization are being held back by the critical level of resistance.

If the resistance is broken, it says "expect big gains" if the rally remains. If Bitcoin can not break the $ 5,260 and maintain its profits, then it recommends selling the resistance until it finally breaks.

The analyst also sets high price targets for the best cryptocurrencies

The previous ScienceGuy9489 forecasts came with strangely specific break dates. The dates have not yet been reached, but all the proposed outbreaks of the bearish trend lines have occurred.

Due to the fact that this merchant appeared after more than a year of silence, only to appear and share graphics that were developed immediately, the cryptographers community in general is giving additional credibility to their predictions. However, the only piece of the puzzle that left the investors scratching their heads: the price targets that exceeded the historical maximum of each cryptocurrency.

That's right, the operator predicts that Bitcoin will reach $ 28,100, Ethereum will reach $ 2,090, Litecoin will reach $ 650 and XRP will shoot at $ 4. There is no date on which each goal can be achieved, but if you are right about a bullish run that resumes with a break of $ 5,260, these prices can soon become a reality.

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This post is also available in: esEspañol (Spanish)




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