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When it comes to cryptocurrencies, one of the main pitfalls is ironically its lack of banking, especially for investment purposes, ie, being a currency, in the public imagination needs and requires a system that allows its users to keep their crypts , and invest with them as you normally do with any currency, for short, medium and long term projects.

If this lack of investment banks in crypts is a real weakness in Latin America, the same situation is very different in the rest of the world.

According to the newspaper “El Economista”, 70% of the transactions carried out in Japan are made with cryptocurrencies, in other countries of the first world they do it through virtual banks.

Nowadays access to these banking entities or investment funds (especially from Latin America) is difficult, investment opportunities and ideas are lost. And 80% of these business or entrepreneurship ideas are not achieved, because they do not have financial resources for their execution.

A large majority around the world does not know what a Crowdfunding is and most of them keep their income in banks or savings banks; due to lack of time, ignorance and fear of changes especially in the forms of investment for that capital. This makes them receive a minimum percentage of profitability that can vary between 3% and 7% per year or, in some cases, a zero return according to BBVA data from Spain.

Another present problem is within the Crowdfunding space where approximately hundreds of millions of dollars a year circulate, but it is plagued by fraud, failed projects and “concrete” projects that simply do not fulfill the expectations or promises made, causing losses to the large investors; and entrepreneurs who were looking to start an enterprise, end up paying high commission rates and maintenance costs of the platform, without counting the fees of banking transactions; leaving them with low budgets to execute their projects.

This traditional style of investment is limiting the development of a sustainable and equitable financial ecosystem for all citizens.

Today we present an interesting alternative: SynapseCoin

The crypto-revolution is happening now, and it will change things, making it easier to raise funds for Startups and make it as easy and simple as it is supposed to be. Decentralization, Cryptocurrencies, and Intelligent Contracts are the new tools to raise funds.

The SynapseCoin System promises its clients that they will have all the necessary tools and the opportunity to provide liquidity to thousands of business and social projects through their local, national and international financing, promoting social development and technological advancement.

Its proposal in the digital market offers a high percentage of profitability, security and transparency through Blockchain technology and smart contracts that allow each investor to see their financing status in real time.

The attractiveness of SynapseCoin is that it is working at the intersection of three incredibly powerful markets:

  • The exponential growth of Blockchain technology.
  • The exponential crowdfunding market.
  • The Fintech / Investment Market market.

In other words, Synapsecoin is a collective funding system (Crowdfunding) worldwide, which generates an ecosystem to unite the SynapseCoin community, investors, entrepreneurs and companies, creating a business relationship that will be beneficial for all.

It will basically work as an investment bank capable of allowing its users to finance their projects. These should be evaluated by the specialists of your platform, and will admit projects focused on the environment, technology, games and education, among others. It does not matter if it is a product or service, they are open to creativity in all its facets.

To be approved for funding, each project must have an objective idea and must provide value to society as an innovative project to ensure its success.

Those projects that are approved will have access to two forms of financing within the platform: “Crowdfunding” and “Crowdinvesting”, thus allowing the platform users to directly evaluate each project (now in the second round) and take the decision of invest or not in them. All of course through the security of the chain of Blocks and through Intelligent Contracts that ensure the compliance of the parties.

Your entire system will be working through your Token Synapse (SYP)

Token Name: Synapse

Symbol: SYP

Decimals (standard-ERC-20): 18

Token type: Utility

Total Supply: 990,000,000 SYP

Period of Sale: December 1, 2018 to March 10, 2019

Private sale: 01 / Dec / 2018 to 28 / February / 2019 to 0.025 USD / SYP

Public Sale: 01 / Marz / 2019 to 15 / Marz / 2019 to 0.035 USD / SYP

Final sale: March 16/2019 to March 31/2019 to $ 0.005 / SYP

Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC LTC

Tokens Available for Private Sale and ICO: 495,000,000 SYP

Contract: 0x7853a395abf4aac78e69ed9f7b93238a44b0f017

Soft Cap (minimum collection target): 3,000,000 USD

HardCap (Maximum collection goal): 12,000,000 USD

Compatible wallets: Myetherwallet (recommended) and Metamask


For more information about the project, please visit:

SynapseCoin on Web:







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This post is also available in: esEspañol (Spanish) ruРусский (Russian)




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