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Usually, we have problems to change our crypts to others … especially when it is necessary to send some small payment in a particular crypto that we do not have or when we want to invest in certain websites through them …

Normally, this process is a bit tedious, and depending on our haste, expensive; then we must position our offer of sale for a very small amount in an exchange at the lowest possible rate to achieve a quick change to the exchange token and then with it buy the crypto (also in a small amount) we want … Taking into account, of course, the exchange and exit rates necessary to complete the entire process.

Now there is a faster way, … the swap … are webs where we send the amount of the crypts that we want to change and choose the output crypto (which will be sent to the wallet we give for it) .. .

Navigating between the safest Swap services we find ThorSwap

ThorSwap, is how a website told you to change up to 40 types of cryptocurrencies in a simple way, without the need for KYC and with an Open and Free Registry, with only a modest commission of 0.5% and in some cases even less.

They have a Flash version of their service with which your swap is ready within the first minute of requested (currently only available for tokens ERC-20, but will soon extend this service to the rest), and for its standard service the swap is completed within the first 5 mins positioning it as one of the fastest available.

If you want to keep track of your changes in ThorSwap, it is easy to leave your email to receive reports there, because ThorSwap does not keep records of access, changes, history, monitoring, etc. of its users to ensure your total anonymity.

One of the things that attracted me the most about ThorSwap is its business alliance with Bit2me and Indacoin, which has allowed them to open their purchase service through our Visa or MasterdCard credit card to buy directly from them. crypts we want using our Fiat money (USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, and AUD). What makes life much easier in terms of investment, but if the figures we want to buy are small amounts of savings.

Its maximum 0.5% rate for exchanges between crypts also positions it at the top in its area, as it becomes the most economical Swap available on the network. No less important is to call your attention to the fact that it has absolutely no withdrawal rate, which places it in the first place of preference not only enters the swap websites, but as a premium option against the exchanges, really saving us a lot of money with your service.

With its innovative “Compare Rate” feature you can, in real time, get a clearer view of the costs in exchange rates and outgoing fees that you need to pay in the most popular exchanges such as BINANCE and HUOBI. With this you can verify that the Thorswap exchange rate will always be the lowest of all the available options.

In short, this combination of the fastest place available for the exchange or purchase of cryptocurrencies, with the ability to use our credit card for it, added to an exchange rate of only 0.5% and without an exit rate, positions you as a of the best options currently available in the market.

Christmas Campaign:

This Christmas (from December 25, 2018 and until January 2, 2019), ThroSwap will be giving you each new registration 500THT (Token ThorSwap), THT 3000 for making a transaction, 1000 additional THT will be given as a reward if Trade with TRX (TRON), and another 1000 THT if you trade between your MathWallet wallet and ThorSwap.


The surprises do not end there, also has a referral program, for each referral that you invite and register you will get 500 THT, and 500 THT additional if your referral makes a transaction within ThorSwap.




In order to grow ThorSwap has designed a rewards program (Bounty Program) to which it has allocated up to 10,000,000 THT and which will be active from December 20, 2018 to January 2, 2019; in that period you DOUBLE THE REWARDS, receiving double the rewards for each guest that registers and negotiates through its links in the corresponding category.

The 10,000,000 THT will be allocated to each category as follows:

Campaign on Reddit 20%

Telegram campaign 5%

Facebool campaign 15%

Twitter campaign 15%

Articles / Videos 35%

Campaign on Medium 10%

Each campaign will have different tasks or conditions to fulfill by the participants in the Bounty … Making money was never more fun! More information in BitcoinTalk Click Here

So the more you invite, the more rewards you get

For more information or to register for free please visit …

ThorSwap on the Web

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This post is also available in: esEspañol (Spanish) ruРусский (Russian)




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