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Admittedly, the US presidential elections will not be ready until November next year. In the run-up to the big party conferences, however, the internal race for the pole position of the Democrats and Republicans has long been opened. At the same time, the current 26 potential candidates are already eagerly promoting popular support. One of them is the New York entrepreneur and political freshman Andrew Yang.

The 44-year-old is considered these days as an unexpected whiz kid of the Democratic Party. He wants to make America fit for the supposedly upcoming age of robotics and the loss of jobs. Because of his US radical demands, such as an unconditional basic income, he causes both the Americans and Americans for both enthusiasm and a sensation.

Like the US economic news Bloomberg The avowed crypto-fan and Blockchain enthusiast at the Consensus conference in New York this week asked for support from the crypto community. He was convinced of the possibilities of new technologies and wanted to set up the US economy with their help for the future.

I think Blockchain has to be a big part of our future. When I'm in the White House, boy, the crypto community will have fun.

However, in order to bring blockchain technologies and particularly cryptocurrencies to the boil, regulatory security is the most important thing, ex-President Obama's former start-up commissioner is certain.

Yang demands legal clarity

As early as last month, Yang had put into play a possible cryptocurrency law framework. He earned much popularity from the scene. He advocates clear definitions, tax rules and responsibilities of public authorities such as Securities and Exchange SEC. At the consensus conference, he underlined these proposals.

We just have to set the traffic rules. We need to find out which agency handles which currencies. It would be unfortunate if every time a new currency comes out we have to decide anew which legal framework applies.

Yang, like other candidates, is accepting donations to Bitcoin & Co. for his election campaign, but faces US litigation requirements. These prohibit anonymous donations. Again, this week he showed support for the crypto scene, which demands the same non-traceable payment options since time immemorial.

Yang's ideas inspire young Americans – is that enough against the party establishment?

If one had asked the Americans a few years ago, what they think of an unconditional basic income, many would have waved off. These days, however, Andrew Yang's ideas of the Dividend Freedom, as he calls the $ 1,000 basic income, are increasingly gaining support, especially among young Americans. The son of Taiwanese immigrants wants to finance the state funds with a special tax on the tech giants of the US West Coast. Especially the millennial generation, which meets the boom of Silicon Valley on their smartphones on a daily basis and is concerned about a possibly approaching structural change due to robotics and artificial intelligence, is very well received.

Whether Yang can assert itself as a candidate of the democratic party, is currently considered questionable. So the entrepreneur will have a hard time at the Democratic Party Convention in July 2020. With Bernie Sanders, Elisabeth Warren and, not least, Joe Biden, there are three well-established political heavyweights. While Sanders also electrifies particularly young Americans with his idea of ​​a socialist America, the crypto-skeptical Senator Warren is regarded as the party's hopeful candidate for hope. Like aging ex-vice-president Joe Biden, it is attributed to the Democratic establishment. With the delegates, they can thus rely on a solid foundation. With that, they currently have the greatest hopes for the race for the White House.

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