Bitcoin [BTC] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] are both well-positioned to co-exist, claims Roger Ver



Bitcoin Cash’s Roger Ver has been very proactive with respect to giving his opinions on BCH and other pertinent issues of the cryptoverse. In an interview with Paul Democritou on Bitcoin.com’s official channel, the duo discussed the possibility of a world where Bitcoin [BTC] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] co-existed.

While the interview started by touching upon Ver’s past entrepreneurial achievements, the crux of the discussion was focused on his take on the crypto landscape. Citing the false allegations of illegal trade that were previously leveled against him, Ver stated that he was a constant target. Ver further quoted controversial figures such as Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Ross Ulbricht, and said,

“If you’re saying things that go against the status quo or the powers that be, they’re going to prosecute you.”

Additionally, Ver warned,

“Don’t be surprised if they come after me again for promoting cryptocurrency so strongly.”

Ver also showed his support for BCH by claiming that the crypto “maintains the roadmap of the original Bitcoin whitepaper.” Ver added that BTC stopped being useful in commerce, accrediting that as his primary reason for supporting BCH.

When asked the co-existence question, Ver believed that both Bitcoin forks were well-positioned to co-exist. He added,

“I still own some gold and BTC. If you think something is useful in your life, by all means, use it.”

The Bitcoin veteran has recently amped up his campaign to promote BCH, telling viewers,

“If you see me at a conference, you’re going to leave with some bitcoin cash [BCH].”

He also promoted purse.io, a website that enables discounted BCH-enabled purchases from Amazon.com.

Although none of the BCH/BTC rivals have displayed acceptance of each other’s technology, Ver’s insights on the ecosystem may bring out a more accepting outlook across the crypto landscape.

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