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Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple – Course Analysis KW34 – Is there anything else?

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Bitcoin (BTC / USDT)

We look at the value pair BTC / USDT on Bittrex, Coin-assessment: easily bullish

Bullish variant:

Starting from the 10,000 US dollar mark, the Bitcoin price can regain strength and starts to run resistance range 11,541 to 11,860 US dollars. An increase above it again brings the annual high (13,000 and 14,000 US dollars) to the fore. Above are the aims at

  1. $ 14,960
  2. 16,934 US dollars.

Bearish variant:

The new demolition on resistance range 11,541 to 11,860 US dollars illustrates the weakness of Bitcoin. The $ 12,000 mark can withstand and can not be outbid. Bitcoin falls significantly below the $ 10,000 mark. Below 9,262 US dollars, the confirmation for the aims

  1. $ 7,962
  2. 6,025 US dollars.

Ethereum (ETH / USD)

We look at the value pair ETH / USD on Bitfinex, Coin-assessment: easily bullish

Bullish variant:

The support area 175 to 196 US dollars provides as a springboard for a restart of the resistance region 241 to 263 dollars. With a sustained breakout above $ 263, the ether price is activating the aims

  1. $ 279
  2. 339 US dollars.

Bearish variant:

Again, Ethereum has shown clear weakness and failed on resistance range 241 to 263 dollars. Ethereum falls under the support area 175 to 196 US dollars. Prices below $ 167 confirm the next sell-signal. The aim is then included

  1. $ 129.

Ripple (XRP / USD)

We look at the value pair XRP / USD on Bitfinex, Coin-assessment: neutral

Bullish variant:

After the ripple course again could not use the 0.30 US dollar mark for purchases, can stabilize at least after all support area between 0.21 and 0.24 US dollars.

Ripple again rises above $ 0.30. Above that, the next upside is the uptrend from the end of 2017, which is still at $ 0.36 – and rising. There is a chance of this following aims

  1. $ 0.38
  2. $ 0.43.

Bearish variant:

An excerpt from the last price forecast:

The $ 0.30 mark is sold off. Ripple falls below $ 0.28. The goals on the bottom are as follows

  1. $ 0.24
  2. $ 0.15.

The first aim has been reached. If now also a price slide under 0.21 US dollar, will aim two activated at $ 0.15.

Disclaimer: The price estimates shown on this page do not constitute buy or sell recommendations. They are merely an estimate by the analyst.

Charts created on 21.08.2019 using TradingView.

USD / EUR rate at the time of going to press: 0.90 euros.

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