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While the Bitcoin price is currently stable at more than $ 8,000, the candles are also green for the Altcoins. With a few exceptions, all cryptocurrencies can join in as the bitcoin price rises. One stand out in particular: the Ethereum course.

Ether price is rising, Ethereum 2.0. within reach

The price of the ether token rose by a whopping 15 percent to $ 261 within the last 24 hours. In one week, the ether price rose by 54 percent. In the case of the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, a look at the technological development may help here. Because the head-birth Vitalik Buterins is currently in the final stages of their conversion to Ethereum 2.0.

Among other things, the change from the sometimes labor-intensive proof-of-work procedure to the proof-of-work procedure is the focus of the programmers. The testnet for Ethereum 2.0. is already up and running, giving a first impression of where the journey for the Blockchain project is going. Although the implementation of smart contracts is still waiting here. Nevertheless, the switch to proof of stake is in full swing, as well as the firing of the ether course.

There is also a bet between Jimmy Song and Joseph Lubin. Regarding the further development of dApps in the crypto-space, the two bet on the stately sum of $ 500,000. By May 23, 2023, hundreds of thousands of monthly users are to be distributed to at least 15 dApps. The bullish bet is likely to have poured additional oil into the bull's fire here.

Altcoin market captured by upward movement

But if you let your eyes wander over the top 20, it quickly becomes clear: who put his capital in the last days and weeks in Altcoins, could hardly do anything wrong. For example, the Stellar Lumens price rose more than 20 percent in the last 24 hours. This puts the Stellar Lumens price at $ 0.144.

The NEM course looks even better. Here, too, the course of the share price put a rally on the floor; with an increase of 36 percent, the price of the XEM token climbed to $ 0.094.

The only "loser" in the top 20 crypto-currencies with the largest market capitalization is – as far as you can talk about stable coins – Tether. It can not quite keep its price level of $ 1.00 and is slightly behind with 0.966 USD per USDT and a loss of 0.46 percent. Due to the continuing bickering about BitFinex and Tether, the further price assessments regarding Tether are rather bearish.

You can read about our current price analysis here, the courses at a glance you can see here.

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