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At present, it seems that as an advocate of Bitcoin & Co., it is less and less necessary to talk fuzzy. The narrative that institutions are not only investing billions of dollars but also placing trust in the market seems to be accepted. Deposit insurance, however, repeatedly caused uncertainty on the part of institutions and organizations. But recently, Curv announced a cooperation with Munich Re to secure deposits from those institutional saviors. TokenSoft is also on this track to secure, manage and secure large-scale investments in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Now they have announced that they want to support the issuing of digital securities in the liquid network of the think tank Blockstream.

Blockstream and the Liquid Network

Blockstream employs a number of developers of Bitcoin Core, the most widely used software in the Bitcoin network, making it one of the key players in crypto-space. At the end of September 2018, the Canadian company launched the Liquid Network. This is a private sidechain of Bitcoin, which allows "fast and private transactions between its members and the issuance of digital assets such as tokenized fiat money and securities," it says on their homepage. Similar to the Lightning Network Bitcoin are fed into the separate Liquid Network. In this case, however, BTCs will also be used as the equivalent of the digital securities issued there. Unlike Lightning, Liquid does not have big transactions. Another advantage is the more private nature of a liquid transaction.

soft token

TokenSoft boasts of its experience in the confidential and orderly management of banking, investments and tax issues in 56 countries. In addition, the company follows the approach Security First, Together with over 20 years of experience with the blockchain technology, the team behind TokenSoft is an ideal partner in the development of a digital asset strategy. The CEO of TokenSoft, Mason Borda, said:

We're excited that Liquid is launching a much-needed, robust and scalable digital asset block chain solution […]. Together, TokenSoft and the Liquid Securities platform can provide a solid foundation for a growing market. We will support the APIs of Liquid Securities.

Borda sees his company at the interface between the desire of companies to issue their own tokens and the legally enforceable framework at national and international levels. In an interview, Borda commented:

What we saw in 2017 is that many companies have spent their own digital assets. They were issued as securities, but the companies did not follow the proper procedure […]. We have accordingly [our] company aimed to comply with the regulations of the issue of securities […]. We built our company to help companies issue digital securities, whether it's within their own country or internationally.


The partnership should therefore provide additional wind in the sails of the regulation of cryptocurrencies and tokens. It is likely that this will further increase confidence in the sphere of activity of BTC & Co.

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