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IDEO is an international and interdisciplinary company. With offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Munich, Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo, employees around the world are on the pulse of the times. No wonder that IDEO interferes with its subsidiary CoLab in the blockchain sector. According to a blog post, the new company division, known as the start-up studio, has a few high-caliber partners including Amazon, Deloitte and Fidelity. The blockchain giants Ethereum Foundation and Stellar Foundation are also on board. Also in Germany, two similar projects recently appeared with WerkBank and The Next Big Thing.

More autonomy

CoLab promises a lot: "We start with the difficult problems of your organization and develop a prototype that is 12 months ahead of any other product on the market." That's one of the sentences of the elusive company. The four big riders of their website are Circular Economy. Collaborative Cities. Dynamic Workforce and Open Financial Systems,

Without going into too much detail, the path from these buzz words to Blockchain does not seem to be far. The core business of CoLab is the support of blockchain start-ups. Ian Lee, CoLab Manager, wants to give this young company the tools and financial resources. In this way, however, the "development, adaptation and influence of blockchain technology" should be promoted. He sees the potential of this technology in a much more autonomous life, especially in terms of "accessing, owning, and controlling" identity and money.

Another accelerator?

The corporate concept is reminiscent of a classic accelerator, ie an accelerator. Young companies get served questions that they would only come across over time. The hurdle to take money is reduced by financial support. However, this concept is not only extended to the blockchain industry, but concerns the entire start-up culture, says Lee:

Compared to traditional start-up accelerators and incubators, IDEO CoLabs start-up studio reveals this classic model. So half-day and full-day workshops are offered by IDEO and its partners, who focus on the very specific tasks. To name a few buzzwords: product evaluation, brand design, employee acquisition, end user test or conflict management. In this way, entrepreneurs and start-ups can quickly get the help they need when the time comes. And then go back to the home office and work on their great company, their team and their protocols.

Melting pot for experts

IDEO CoLab thus creates a melting pot for experts from all conceivable areas. The successes of the past speak for themselves. Together with Apple they developed the first mass-capable computer mouse, with Eli Lilly the first insulin pen and with Yello Strom the intelligent electricity meter. And the start-up Alto Financial, which has dedicated itself to the user-friendliness of the Lightning Network, is more than happy with the work of Start-up Studio:

The Builder's Day-Workshop at IDEO (…) was an experience that opened my eyes. My understanding of product design has deepened. Working with the outstanding team at IDEO created clarity and lasting value, as we created and improved Alto Financial's main product,

said Andrew Benson, co-founder of the company. There are also legal and privacy workshops, workshops with Silicon Valley Bank and many more.

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