Monero’s Average Transaction Fee Falls To 3-Year Low After The Blockchain Records All-Time High Transaction Count – What’s Next? | Oracle Times


We recently reported that Monero has just broken its record of all-time high transaction count according to the chart provided by BitInfocharts. On April 30, Monero reached 9,389 (meanwhile, MoneroBlocksInfo reported 9,249).

Monero’s record was back in 2017 when it reached 7,123, and it was shattered on 30 April.

The increase of transactions began on April 25, 2019 – and it went from 4,425 to 9,389, increasing with 112%.

The network witnessed more than 15,000 transactions in one day.

It seems that this considerable surge in the transaction number has been correlated with the launch of a social gambling game.

“According to data from BitInfoCharts, Monero hardly crosses over 10,000 transactions per day. The last time the digital currency surged over that level was when it tested its all-time high of $400 in January last year,” Smartereum reported.

Transaction fees drop to a low unseen since 2015

The transaction fees decreased to a low that has not been seen since back in December 2015.

The average transaction fee dropped to $0.025, and this is a pretty impressive achievement.

Monero price prediction for 2019

Since Monero revealed its collaboration with the Xbox team at the beginning of this year, there have been more optimistic predictions regarding the price of the privacy-oriented coin.

It’s more than obvious that the video games sector is more than ideal for crypto and XMR made sure to hop in this wagon which will mirror a boost in the coin’s price.

Smartereum’s predictions regarding the price of the most important privacy-oriented coin are pretty optimistic, and the online magazine notes that the short-term price prediction of Monero is $70.

They also say that XMR likely to hit the $100 or $120 level by the end of this year.

Not too long ago, Monero was in the spotlight for another reason – it got listed on Exodus.

Monero and this exchange have a lot on common because both of them are focused on privacy and security.

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