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On Tuesday, December 4, Hyperledgers Technical Steering Committee (TSC) has a new tool for developers announced, The so-called project Ursa is a library (program library). A library contains auxiliary modules that are used to develop software. The advantage of such libraries is that not every programmer has to redevelop all software modules, but can use the common code. While Ursa is intended for Hyperledger, since the modules are freely accessible, other developers can use these modules as well.

Hyperledger's goal: to simplify blockchain development and accelerate collaboration

With Ursa, Hyperledger could simplify the work of blockchain developers. To program blockchain products, developers need a broad knowledge base. Not only do you have to learn new programming languages, you also need to understand cryptography and security concepts. Many programmers discourage this complexity from entering the field because they lack such broad knowledge. Program libraries like Ursa can help here. Thanks to libraries like Ursa, developers do not have to understand the function of components (such as cryptography), but still use them. A similar strategy is pursued by Hyperledger Hyperledger Sawtooth, Sawtooth also has a modular structure, but does not offer individual modules, but rather a framework for blockchain solutions. The hope is that this will help companies to develop new Hyperledger products faster.

Another goal behind Ursa is to accelerate collaboration between hyperledger projects. Developers benefit from each other when they share the modules. This allows you to z. B. Bugs that affect security, discover faster. That's why u work. a. Security experts from Hyperledger to Ursa. Ursa is not Hyperledger's only project with whom they are looking to collaborate. Just recently announced Hyperledger and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance announce their cooperation,

Stand at Hyperledger

In addition to working with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Hyperledger was also active elsewhere. Initially, Hyperledger consisted of 30 members and two blockchain frameworks. Currently there are about 200 members and five frameworks (including Sawtooth). One of the most well-known projects is IBM Food Trust (supply chain for the food industry). The Linux Foundation founded Hyperledger and claims to be the fastest growing organization in the Linux Foundation.


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