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A comment from Dr. Philipp Giese

Craig Wright does not give up: After the NChain's chief scientist filed several patents and filed with court threats, another chapter in the Dramedy comes to the alleged inventor of Bitcoin. Now he submitted two copyright registrations to the United State Copyright Office. One of them concerns the Bitcoin whitepaper, one of the code behind Bitcoin itself. With these copyright registrations, Craig Wright does not want to claim authorship for both, but above all, exclude any use of third parties he disapproves of.

This alone meant that the course of Bitcoin SV, a Hard Fork Bitcoins no longer listed on various exchanges, experienced an absurd pump. Similarly, the Friends of Satoshi's "True Vision" are now unanimous in their opinion that someone can prove that he is Satoshi Nakamoto with a governmental record.

Craig Wright would like to reach a fanal with it: Without a (other) Satoshi Nakamoto, who could refute him clearly, he would thus state registered as the inventor Bitcoins.

Can you trust Craig Wright?

Thousand Wrongs does not make one wrightto spice things up. Jameson Lopp had not only ripped off a similar jaw, but put together much controversy about Craig Wright in Bitcoin Magazine. Everyone in the crypto scene is advised to deal with the allegations, here we can only go into a fraction of it.

Let alone the fact that Bitcoin SV just does not correspond to the first version of the code of Satoshi Nakamoto. In the source code of Bitcoin SV anyway Bitcoin Atoms (original code of Satoshi Nakamoto) search in vain. Thanks to the Wayback Machine, it is provable that between 2 June 2014 and 3 October 2015 in a blog post from 26 August 2008, a reference to an alleged work on a Cryptocurrency paper (sic!) added later.

That would be details. But what about a person who corrupts (allegedly) his own work, leads ad absurdum and cheats the related ideology? Because that would be the licensing of a cryptocurrency, which originally wanted to follow the motto "be your own bank" (though never said so by Satoshi Nakamoto). The sticks that Craig Wright would like to put into place for the development of one of Bitcoin's other vision of mine stand in stark contrast to the openness and transparency of a Satoshi Nakamoto, as seen in the discussions on the Cryptography Mailing List. Likewise, it stands in an absurd contradiction to the open-source culture that makes up much of the crypto scene. The bazaar of the Altcoin ecosystem is to become a cathedral of his ego.

Just because Craig Wright has filled in a form with an American agency does not prove that. Finally, no verification of the truthfulness of the authority takes place. Accordingly, one should not pay too much attention to the profile neurosis of Craig Wright.

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