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"Will the real Satoshi please stand up"? The trial Kleiman vs.. Wright is still in full swing, which is not a hindrance to a new Satoshi Nakamoto. So haunted for a few days one press release by Ivy McLemore & Associates through the ether, after which Satoshi Nakamoto finally wants to reveal himself.

Ivy McLemore is an agency specializing in press and digital marketing. She wants to give the alleged Satoshi enough space to reveal herself in three articles.

However, some of this "revelation" is, to say the least, suspicious. This begins with the press release mentioning a company called Satoshi Nakamoto Renaissance Holdings. This company has no lesser ambition than to help with "superior blockchain technology to improve the lives of individuals".

Looking at the Twitter account of the alleged Satoshi Nakamoto, these concerns are further confirmed. According to the self-description, Satoshi Nakamoto should be firmly convinced of the "promise of Blockchain" – whatever that may be. That's quite surprising, as Satoshi Nakamoto spoke of Timechain, Proof of Work Chain, a chain of blocks, yes, even of the block chain. The buzzword Blockchain has never been used.

On the evening of the 18th of August came the first part of the Revelation Nakamoto, This allegedly describes the history of the Bitcoin inventor, his relationship with Hal Finney and claims to explain the term Bitcoin.

"The Reveal" – a look into the past of Satoshi Nakamoto?

According to this article, Bitcoin was well worth a few cents before Pizza Day, but that's when the question marks begin. Those who read the article in their entirety are sent on a roller coaster that leaves the reader confused. That the inventor of Bitcoin does not know the movement of the Cypherpunks and therefore of cyberpunk speaks, may be a typo, but that's just the beginning. So you learn about Chaldaean numerology, what the name Satoshi Nakamoto has on it and there are explanations of the term Bitcoin assumed.

Bitcoin should, so the article, from Bank of credit and Commerce Income internally. This bank, BCCI for short, actually did exist: it was known in 1991 for one of the biggest financial scandals of its time. However, at least one can doubt that these – in a rather unconventional way – should have been the godfather of Bitcoin.

Equally interesting is the emphasis on the special friendship with Hal Finney. This should, according to the author, not only a friend, but also a mentor. Together they are said to have worked on Bitcoin since 2006. However, this does not coincide with the first electronic correspondence between Hal and Satoshi. In any case, these do not allow the conclusion that both worked together on Bitcoin.

Finally, the alleged Satoshi Nakamoto still told of his complications during his master's thesis. Apparently his supervisors and appraisers have learned of the thrust of his work only at the levy. Because then the university decided that the topic of the thesis was too demanding, so it only came to a simple website. Like so much else, this episode is puzzling. Not only because a topic in a master's thesis is not known just before a levy: Universities that reject topics based on their claim? Sounds unlikely.

On the trail of the creators

Meanwhile, some have put on Twitter some light in the dark: Riccardo Spagni recorded the history of a company called BCCI since 2008. In his research he came across a Bilal Khalid:

Bilal Khalid has been confirmed by Seeking Satoshi: Besides Bilal Khalid, there are others behind this "Satoshi Revelation":

More warning signals beyond the BCCI showed Harry Denley. According to him, the security standards of the website satoshinrh.com should hardly meet the standards of Satoshi Nakamoto:

Has Satoshi Nakamoto revealed himself? Hardly likely.

Overall, the whole story sounds little credible. As shown, there are too many warning signs and incorrectnesses. Even controversial cases like Craig Wright are more credible than this story presented by Ivy McLemore. The question arises what the creators want to achieve with this story. Certainly it's about attention. Whether this is worth it and whether the PR gag does not backfire, will show up in the next few days.

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