Taringa social network launches stablecoin rewards for 27 million users

The Latin American giant
of social networks Taringa! has been associated with MakerDAO and the provider of
Airtm electronic wallet to launch a system of feeding points
stable for its 27 million users.

According to an official officer of Taringa! In a press release published on July 7, the development of the project was revealed on Friday during the Summitchain Summit Summit in Mexico City.

The pilot program, nicknamed
"Taringa! The pioneers "reportedly reward users
with points for creating popular platform content, which can then be
monetize by becoming the stablecoin DAI based on the blockchain
Ethereum by MakerDAO.

The press release of
Taringa! It places a strong emphasis on the potential of the program to offer
users a safe and stable value deposit, as well as independence
of governments.

In particular, the social network
has an important influence in a region in which several countries have
experienced hyperinflation, such as Argentina and Venezuela.

The wallet provider
Airtm electronics, which allows users to convert their national currencies
in cryptocurrencies and other forms of money, has also stressed the importance
of decentralized solutions for finance within the context
Regional of Latin America.

As reported
previously, Taringa! It is not alien to the cryptographic sphere, to associate with the
Xapo purse provider to launch an income distribution system
based on bitcoin for users, this was possible in 2015.

Taringa !, often
characterized as the Argentine answer to Facebook for the speaking world
Hispanic, has obviously opted for a non-proprietary stablecoin solution,
unlike the last Libra cryptocurrency project by Zuckerberg.

In mid-June,
Unconfirmed reports indicated that the online market in South America
Mercado Libre would operate as a node in the future Libra network of Facebook

Reference: cointelegraph.com

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