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Finalizing the third day of the event, being the last activity with respect to the conferences, we could witness the words of a celebrity that does not have a star, which has formed and helped whole generations of people through the Internet, we refer to Larry Sanger, who is nothing more and nothing less than the co-founder of the most used online encyclopedia worldwide, Wikipedia. On this occasion we find his paper entitled «Blockchain for Enterprise«, Being in Spanish, Blockchain for companies.

Start your presentation explaining the situation of Wikipedia, using as a reference the results of a survey conducted by the company, noting that 87% of users who use the platform have never edited the information, but 65% have the perception that the page is biased by the possibility of editing an article.

Continuing with the data, it shows us how Wikipedia actively has millions of people using the platform every day, but very few are contributors. However, when compared to YouTube that has an active community, Wikipedia has more visits; highlighting that it is in the top 5 pages with the highest traffic. This is associated that Wikipedia has certain restrictions, stating that you can not place articles from other sites, implying that they must be original.

Subsequently highlights that the platform is clogged by bureaucracy, preventing it from modernizing. He tells us that to make a decision, such as changes to the page, it is necessary that all active members agree, which is impossible, pseudo centralizing decision making.

Therefore, there is a platform of a decentralized nature, which requires agreements, with a system that reflects transparency and security. By the thread of exposure you can suppose that Larry suggested to solve this problem.

Larry Sanger exhibiting at the Blockchain Cruise 2019

Before explaining how this technology will be applied in the platform, make a parenthesis to raise the current situation with Blockchain technology, commenting that there is no person who knows the full potential of this technology, some more than others. Added to the confusions per platform that claim to use Blockchain to be decentralized, but when studying its platform, it is centralized.

In Wikipedia, we are considering using the chain of blocks to support the information in the platform, guaranteeing and informing users about the origin of the content of the articles, reducing the suspicion of biases in them.

It concludes with a reflection on the use of Blockchain technology, arguing that with practice it is possible to actively improve, even with obstacles such as country regulations.

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